Nervous Patients

Yasmin's experience in treating anxious and phobic dental patients means she fully understand what a big step coming to the dentist can be for many. It is an area of dentistry that she has focused on in recent years, and is proud of the reputation she has acquired in this field. See

Dr Yasmin George is pleased to share with you the lovely testimonials several of her patients have given her, and some have even offered to act as her 'ambassadors' and are happy to speak to new patients in the Surrey area who may be considering treatment with Confident Smiles.

When you come to see Yasmin you'll never be rushed or pushed into a decision; you will always be made to feel very welcome, and in control at all times.

Confident Smiles can offer a range of techniques from Tender Loving care (TLC) using The Wand local anaesthetic (see below) to the latest intravenous sedation techniques, designed to help you relax, whilst still being aware of what's going on.

Sedation uses medication to put the patient into a very relaxed, dreamlike state whilst having treatment carried out. You are conscious and can follow instructions; but you do not feel the stress and anxiety that you might otherwise feel. You also don't remember very much from the treatment session, so often patients think they were asleep.

Confident Smiles

There are advantages for the dentist too: sedation means that treatment is easier to perform, and that more can be achieved in one session, reducing the number of sessions needed to carry out a course of treatment.

Confident Smiles can offer

  • tablets prescribed for you to take the night before and/or the morning before your appointment; you will need someone to take you to and from the appointment.
  • intravenous (IV) sedation: the sedation drug is administered into a vein using a very thin needle that is encased in a soft plastic tube. When the needle is removed from the vein, it leaves the plastic tube behind, and this tube is used to administer the drug. The sedative takes effect very quickly, and I can adjust the dosage to bring about the level of sedation that is required. IV sedatives can lead to deeper levels of sedation than other sedation methods.
    In the last ten years Yasmin has also developed a close working relationship with a team of anaesthetists who have a special interest in dental sedation:
    Together we can treat patients who require complex care and long appointments or those who need a mixture of sedation drugs to enable them to receive the treatment they need.
Mother (nervous patient)

Qoute Yasmin's calm and helpful manner has certainly helped cure my daughter's phobia. Qoute

(Orthodontic Treatment)

Qoute Although not especially wary of dentists, I was anxious about the possible pain and uncomfortableness of the treatment I would be having, but Yasmin and all the team were incredibly supportive and understanding at every stage. Yasmin explained everything we would be doing at every step, and was more than happy to answer any questions or concerns I had, which was excellent. I've now finished my treatment and the results have been incredible!Qoute

Adult (Cosmetic Bonding)
Dr. George

Qoute I was quite nervous about my experience but I felt right from the start that I was given great advice and complete honesty to help me decide which way to go with the treatment. The treatment and post treatment went really well and I was so pleased with the service and the end result.Qoute