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This lovely lady had always wanted to have her smile improved, and didn't want any teeth removed. She had five months treatment with Dr George, who provided an upper Clear Damon brace to straighten the teeth, then a course of tooth whitening and some minor cosmetic bonding.
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AB was delighted with his new smile after he had treatment with an upper expander and then upper and lower Damon braces.
At the end his dad said "The results are fantastic, his teeth look great, a great smile. Thank you for your efforts and patience"

This gentleman wanted his smile improved and wanted straight teeth for his wedding. So in five months using an upper brace, (clear brackets and wires) followed by some teeth whitening he was ready for his wedding day!

Pt M was so happy with his new smile, achieved in less than six months. He had an upper fixed brace with clear damon brackets and then some home tooth whitening.

Arianna was delighted with her smile and her profile after treatment with Damon braces…stunning!

Ed had missing upper front teeth, after treatment with braces and implants he now has a great smile.

Kate was delighted with her new smile, she replaced her bonding with porcelain veneers.

Neils came to us having had ortho treatment abroad! We fixed his smile with Damon braces in less than a year.

This young lady had wanted her smile fixed for years. She had missing teeth and teeth in the wrong place. After combination treatment with Damon braces and then Maryland bridges she has a smile to be proud of! This is what she said recently: "I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all you have done for me, and for giving me such a beautiful smile."

E's treatment with Damon braces took less than a year and he is delighted with his wonderful smile.

This lady was thrilled with her new smile. She had invisible braces on her upper and lower teeth (lingual braces), so throughout treatment no one knew she was having orthodontic treatment!

This gentleman wanted straight teeth, and after 15 months with Clear Damon braces on upper and lower teeth he was delighted with his new smile.